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Care Instructions for Jewelry

Care Instructions

we at Rafraf strive to sell high quality and durable Costume Jewelry. With proper usage and care, you can prolong the life of your
Jewelry. Following the suggested guidelines below should help to prolong the life and enjoyment of your Jewelry.

1. Costume Jewelry and water just do not mix. Keep it dry. Avoid having it in contact with Water.

2. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals like perfume, lotions and hairsprays etc. This will definitely result for the jewelry to fade / discolor. Preferably wear your perfume first, let them dry up before putting your jewelry on. Let your costume jewelry be the last thing you put on before leaving home and the first thing you take off when you get back.

3. Avoid touching, or letting others touch your jewelry often. Sweat will shorten the life of your costume jewelry.

4. It is better to keep costume jewelry flat in a spacious jewelry box and make sure the stones are facing up.

5. Suggested to keep them separateed from each other to avoid scratching. You may individually wrap them with anti-tranish paper (e.g tisue paper used with gift bags). Other storage choices are Ziplock bags, Metal drawers, Plastic boxes or Soft cloth.

6. Store them in a dry (moist-free), cool and dust-free environement. Avoid an overly heated environment. Before placing it your Jewel box, wipe it with a soft cloth to get rid off dirt and sweat.

7. Keep them out of the sun.

8. Be carefull - sharp jewelry items, including brooches, ass well as small items like rings, may pose a threat to young children or when used improperly.

9. If you wear it daily or pretty often then clean your jewelry weekly. For cleaning, use a soft jewelry cloth or dry cotton bud / Q-tip to very gently wipe them.

10. Don't concentrate on jsut one jewelry, alternate from time to time, so they all last long together.

Hope these tips are helpful.....

Thank you,
Rafraf Jewelry

*** Please note that these are only suggestions from Team Rafraf. Use this information at your own discretion. Rafraf do not take responsibility for any results of any action taken by you as a result of following aforementioned guidelines.

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